Selling command-items via Essentials

As you can generate command-items via the /give command, it's also possible to sell command-items using Essentials kits (or equivalent plugins, as long as you're allowed to specify custom NBT data for items).


Unlike Exec signs, Essentials' Kit signs will simply give one or more command items to the user, without executing any command(s).

First of all, if you didn't do it already, create and configure the new command-item with /cmditem set.

Use /cmditem export to retrieve the NBT data associated to the item.

Finally, just append the exported NBT data to an item in your kit. For instance:

    delay: 10
      - 272 1 {cmd_id:my_example}

And place a sign in-game with the following lines:

[Kit] examplekit « the ID of the kit
Everyone « (optional) allows everyone to purchase the kit.
$500 « (optional) the cost of the kit.