[Exec] Command Signs

You can place special [Exec] signs that will simulate the usage of a command-item by the player who right-clicked on them.


These signs will run a command on right click.

If you want to sell command-items instead, use your favourite shopping or kits delivering plugin (for example, Essentials' [kit]-signs).

Creating signs

First, create the command-item you want to simulate, like usual. If you already have one, use the /cmditem get command to retrieve its ID.

Make sure you have the cmditem.signs.place permission, then place a sign and fill it this way:

[Exec] « or whatever you set in the config.
example_id « the ID of the item to simulate
extra.permission « (optional) extra permission node to check before executing.
$500 « (optional) the cost per execution (requires Vault)

If the entry is accepted, the first line should become dark-blue. If not, dark-red.

Using signs

Players will need the cmditem.signs.use permission (granted to everyone by default).

  • If an extra permission node is specified, it'll be checked against the player too.
  • If a price is specified, the specified amount will be withdrawn before each execution.

The cool-down period will be specific for each user; while depletion, in the case of signs, will never occur.


  • If the relative command-item is banned, the sign will stop working too.
  • If either Vault or a supported economy plugin aren't installed, signs with a price will simply not work.