The plugin configuration is very simple and self-described, and is entirely contained in the <spigot-plugins>/CommandItems/config.yml file, generated after the first startup.

If you change something here while the server is running, you'll have to manually reload the plugin with:

/cmditem reload


The actual configuration section looks like this:

  • default:
    • cooldown: 30

      The default cooldown duration for new items.

    • depletion: 1

      The default depletion value for new items.

  • logging: true

    If true, the console logs each time a command item is used (for security reasons, this should always be true; but if you're experiencing a lot of flooding on your console output because of this plugin, you may want to disable it)

  • signs:

    • enabled: true

      Whether special [Exec] signs are supposed to work in your server.

    • caption: Exec

      The caption to be used in the first line of [Exec] signs.
      Change ONLY if the default value is conflicting with other plugins.

  • strings: [...]

    Strings displayed to the players/console. You can localize or change them according to your needs.


The following section is automatically filled by the plugin itself, but can be edited by the user:

  • data:
    • <id>:
      • enabled: true

        Whether the items/signs having this ID can be used.

      • cooldown: 30

        Cooldown duration for the items/signs having this ID.

      • depletion: 5

        Maximum amount of uses for the items having this ID.

      • commands:
        • /command arg1 arg2
        • /command2 arg1 arg2

          Command(s) associated to the items/signs having this ID.

    • ...