To print the NBT tag to print the NBT tags, to be used with /give or in Essentials' kits, you'll just have to issue:

/cmditem export


The output will look similar to this:

{ cmd_id: "item_id_here" }

Or to this (if a name and/or lore are attached to the item):

{ cmd_id:"YourID", display:{Name:"Name, if present", Lore:["Lore, if present"] }}


If the name and/or the lore contain the special formatting char (§), all its occurrences will be replaced with an ampersand (&).

To copy the output from the console just open the chat, click on the underlined output data once, and it'll be mirrored to the chat input.

Now, simply press CTRL+A to select the whole line, and eventually, CTRL+C.


Like most commands, you can run /cmditem export from the console as long as you provide a valid and known ID as it's first argument.